Tubular Diffuser

Tubular Diffuser

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Factory assembled to perfection and ready for hassle free installation is our range of Tubular Diffuser that we offer in multiple sizes and in different membrane types. The range we design has optimum functional flexibility and is capable of high volumetric air handling. Good quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeves are utilized in product design and membrane sleeves can also be custom designed in other materials like silicone, urethane, etc., depending on the application requirement. Also, the perforation patterns can be altered or modified depending on oxygen transfer efficiency required. The Tubular Diffuser we offer can deliver maximum performance over a vast range of airflows and do not call for any special maintenance.


  • Good oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Energy efficient designs in different lengths that are also low on maintenance
  • Long life expectancy due to use of high quality parts
  • Also suitable for high density applications
  • Can be easily fitted to pipe systems of varying sections (round, square, etc.)