Tube Settler

Tube Settler

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Tube Settlers bring about improvements in the settling capacity of clarifiers (circular) as well as sedimentation basins in rectangular designs. Using Tube Settler is a cost effective way of enhancing performance of these clarifiers and sedimentation basins. We present different types of Tube Settler constructed using light weight materials that ensures easy installation with minimal structures. Tanks of any geometry and size can benefit from the use of such settlers that we sell in different module sizes and lengths. These tube settlers we provide work by easily capturing the settleable fine floc percolating from the clarification zone. The larger floc passes to the bottom of the tank where it accumulates in a more settleable form. The collected solid that is in the form of a compact mass then moves down the tube channel. We fabricate these Tube Settlers in various types to suit requirements of different sizes and capacities of waste water treatment plants.

  • When fitted with tube settlers, the operational efficiency of clarifiers and basins is enhanced by 2 to 4 times the usual functional rate
  • Less filter backwashing leads to savings on both water & power
  • Fitting tube settlers also increases the flow of existing water treatment plants
  • Tube settlers boost the settling capacity and also enhances the solids removal rate when installed in settling tanks