Multiple Effect Evaporator

Multiple Effect Evaporator

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Get leading edge evaporation solutions in the form of our Multiple Effect Evaporator that are designed to facilitate quick evaporation of water with the use of heat generated from steam. As the name implies, the evaporator is nothing but a kind of heat exchanger that has multiple vessels where water is subjected to high temperature with each vessel being held at a lower pressure than the preceding one. External heat is provided only to the first vessel having the highest pressure where the heat passes from one vessel to the next. Large volumes of water can be evaporated using our line of Multiple Effect Evaporator at good speed and with minimum human intervention. These evaporators find large scale use in the beverage industry, and in the field of water desalination & salt processing.

  • Optimized designs leading to low operational cost
  • Excellent heat transfer coefficient
  • Designed to restrict wall bonding & pipe blocking
  • Heating pipe can be easily cleaned