Activated Carbon Powder

Activated Carbon Powder

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From being utilized in the medical emergency room to complex gold processing & purification processes, one can associate end number of uses with Activated Carbon Powder. Its application in an extensive scope of areas make it a much demanded product whose complexities have even baffled modern science. We harness the best of technology to make Activated Carbon Powder of 100% assured quality. Special activation processes are implemented for making this multi purpose product from  carbon-rich good grade coconut shells. This gives the powder we supply excellent adsorption properties, i.e., the product can effectively trap unwanted toxins, poisonous substances & chemicals, thanks to its countless tiny air spaces or pores. Thus, the powder can be used for purifying different types of liquid and gases. We offer this product in granular & powdered forms, with both the variants having incredible adsorption power.

  • Formulated to perfection for use across medicine, water & sewage treatment, gold purification process, etc.
  • Pure in quality and completely free from binders & additives
  • Hygienically packed in natural fiber bags
  • Can also be supplied in large volumes if required